Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is a digital marketplace where product vendors sell and internet marketers can become affiliates to promote these products.It's perfect for anyone who creates infor ation products like...

•online courses
•video tutorials
•short reports,graphics
•Wordpress themes
•website templates
•basically,any type of product that is a digital download!

It's also a great resource for affiliate and e ail marketers who are looking for hot new
products to pro ote and earn a co ission on sales they make.
JVZoo is incredibly useful and opens the door to tons of different possibilities for making
oney with your digital products.You can setup WSOs (warrior special offers)on the Warrior
Forum,you can find affiliates to pro ote and sell your products,and if you don't have a
platfor to sell your product already,you can set one up through JVZoo and start selling

Why Should I Use JVZoo to Sell My Products?

There are tons of reasons why it makes sense to sell on JVZoo.Here are just a few.

•It's 100%free to start selling.They charge no upfront costs and only take a s all
percentage of each sale.It's an incredibly good deal for product creators.

•If you don't have a website,you can setup a free sales page using JVZoo's instant
generator.It's really simple and easy to use and you can have a sales page up in only a
few minutes.This is great for so eone who is just starting out but wants to sell eBooks
or any other digital product they have created.

•JVZoo makes it easy to connect with affiliates who want to pro ote your product and
help you make sales.Clickbank is a popular affiliate platfor ,but they charge a fifty
dollar fee just to setup your product.JVZoo lets you start an affiliate progra for free!

•JVZoo makes it easy to secure your downloads so that only buyers are able to access
your files.If you don't know how to create a secure download page or don't have a site
to set one up on,then JVZoo is a valuable asset for your product delivery.

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